33 Stunning Modern Coffee Tables Design Ideas

Stunning modern coffee tables design ideas (32)

Modern coffee tables bring versatility to the living room. You can change the arrangement for a different look, you can move them to the side with ease, and you can piece together a coffee table that’s just right for your space. You may be lucky enough to find a ready-for-purchase modern coffee table, but if not, it’s time to start thinking outside of the box.

Apart from a few ingenious designs like the eerie Ghost Illusion table or the gorgeous sci-fi-ish Moon table, many of these modern table designs tap into our inner wish to get closer to nature or at least to our growing and ever-more-important recycling culture. The magnificent Jet Engine Table is a perfect example of how far recycling culture can go in interior design, whereas tables with beautiful tree logs or glittering minerals give their owners a dreamier and more naturalistic feel in their homes.


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